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giving her family false hope that millie was alive. and then britain learned the news of the world may have preyed on military families too. >> he was held by a sniper rifle. >> reporter: tony's son james was killed in action in afghanistan. he now believes james's hot mail was hacked by news of the world. prime minister david cameron kicked off the damage control. >> murder victims, terrorist victims, families who have lost loved ones, sometime defending our country, that these people could have had their phones hacked into in order to generate stories for a newspaper is simply disgusting. >> reporter: the prime minister was feeling vulnerable. he'd hired a former news of the world editor as his communications advisor. by the end of the week, andy colson had been arrested along with two other men. and the police themselves were facing investigation for taking pay-offs. but the real fury focused on rupert murdoch and the power he wields through his stable of influential british papers. teenager millie's family lawyer is mark lewis. >> what we have in this country was a form of murder-
back in may. we'll have more on the case later in this broadcast. britain's prince william and his wife kate received a mixed reaction as they visiteded cancer patience at a hospital in montreal yesterday. the royal couple is touring canada before come to go the united states later this week. you're looking at the fireworks last night over monte carlo harbor that capped off the wedding celebration of monaco's prince albert the second and his south african bride. the wedding was the first by a ruling prince in monaco since 1956 when albert's father married american actress grace kelly. now for today's weather. heat will blanket the country with thunderstorms providing fireworks on the fourth of july eve. on independence day, spekt more heat and humidity and plenty of fireworks that night guaranteed. ahead rocking with snowball the bird. but first cases of credibility., >> osgood: a very different cases of dominique strauss kahn and casey anthony dominated much of the news this past week. we asked two reporters to take a closer look. first on the kahn case. >> reporter: dominique strauss
turned into this. the national theatre of great britain's most successful production ever. >> get ready to jump the wire! >> in new york, it just won five tony awards, including best pl play. >> warhorse is the story of joey, and a horse, and albert, the boy who loves him. >> joey is sold to the british army to be sent to the battle ront. >> the great adventure promised on enlistment posters soon became the horror of real war for men and horses. >> these creatures have extraordinary courage to go on as the men did through the most appalling conditions, including charge on when they were being shot at. they of course didn't have the comprehension of what was happening but we have nonetheless the terror was quite clear to them. >> their plight was total innocence they are simply being used and sacrificed. >> the numbers are staggering, 10 million soldiers died in world war i, and it is believed about the same number of horses. >> the story of warhorses actually is two stories. >> only the truth with him lies, as we have spoken. >> what about horses, the other, about the extraordinary pupp
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)